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Philippe Pernot

Philippe Pernot


Philippe Pernot is a French-German photojournalist also living in Beirut. Covering anarchist, environmentalist, and queer social movements, he is now the Lebanon correspondent for Frankfurter Rundschau and editor for various international media.

Mazin and Jessie Qumsiyeh's Bethlehem-based museum not only preserves endangered species but also safeguards Palestinian culture amidst the ongoing war in Gaza.

12 July, 2024

In-depth: While launching a homegrown movement to join global protests for Palestine, students have had to grapple with Lebanon's own problems.

03 June, 2024

In-depth: The rise to prominence of Itamar Ben-Gvir and other extremists has placed a radical ideology at the heart of political power in Israel.

27 May, 2024

In-depth: Bombed fields, destroyed greenhouses, and soil contaminated with white phosphorus. In Gaza, the environment is a silent victim of Israel's war.

09 May, 2024

In-depth: Palestinians in the southern West Bank experience an unrelenting, grinding cycle of daily violence as Israeli settlers try to seize their land.

16 April, 2024

Agriculture in Jordan is suffering from neoliberal policies and Israel's water capture, forcing activists to mobilise against desertification and poor pay.

19 March, 2024

In-depth: Israel's war on Gaza has unleashed existential challenges for Jordan, with water at the heart of diplomatic tensions between both countries.

21 December, 2023

In-depth: As the economic and security situation continues to deteriorate, abductions are on the rise, with vulnerable Syrian refugees being taken hostage by Hezbollah and other allies of the Assad regime.

12 September, 2023