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Mahmoud Mushtaha

Mahmoud Mushtaha


Mahmoud Mushtaha is a Gaza-based freelance journalist and human rights activist. He works as a media assistant at We Are Not Numbers, a project of the Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor.


Follow him on Twitter: @MushtahaW 

Amid the chaos of Israel's ongoing war in Gaza, Palestinian families share their struggles with locating missing loved ones.

23 May, 2024

Water and essential nutrition are increasingly scarce across the Gaza Strip. Israeli strikes have targeted bakeries, depriving Gazans of the most basic of foods. Without the necessities, Gazans fear their deaths won't come from bombs, but from hunger

21 November, 2023

Palestinians are losing dozens of family members in one go as Israeli ground and air forces strike across Gaza.

31 October, 2023

As Israel intensifies its onslaught against the Gaza Strip, Gaza's population is running out of places to hide. At the time of writing, Gaza's displaced population is over 260,000, with families seeking shelter in UNWRA schools as a last resort.

12 October, 2023

Stagnant wages and limited access to maintenance parts have immobilised Gaza's disabled population. Israel's blockade continues to deprive disabled Gazans of the right to life, causing many to spiral into serious bouts of depression and anxiety.

05 September, 2023