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Nada Mustafa Ali

Nada Mustafa Ali

Nada Mustafa Ali is a Sudanese feminist researcher and activist who teaches in the Women’s and Gender Studies Department at the University of Massachusetts Boston. She is affiliated with the Department of Conflict Resolution, Global Governance and Human Security, and with the School for Global Inclusion and Social Development the same university. Dr. Ali has written and published extensively in Arabic and English. Her current book project documents and analyses the narratives, experiences, organizing, and contributions of market women/women street vendors in contemporary Sudan. Her book Gender, Race and Sudan's Exile Politics: Do We All Belong to this Country? was published by Lexington Books in 2015.  She is a Fellow of the Rift Valley Institute, and a Board Member of the Life and Peace Institute & the African Feminist Initiative. Nada received her PhD in Government, from Manchester University in the United Kingdom. She has an MA and a BA (Hon) from the American University on Cairo and Khartoum University respectively, both in political science.

As sexual violence continues amidst ongoing conflict in Sudan, Women and other minorities must be included in any efforts to resolve the current political situation, argues Nada Mustafa Ali. The question of gender cannot be ignored.

25 July, 2023