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Burak Elmali

Burak Elmali

Burak Elmali

Burak Elmali is a Researcher at TRT World Research Centre in Istanbul. He holds an MA degree in Political Science and International Relations from Boğaziçi University. His research areas include Turkish foreign policy and great power politics focusing on U.S-China relations and their manifestations in the Gulf. He has contributed many articles to various media outlets.

Growing up in Turkey, Burak Elmalı reflects on his earliest encounters with the Palestinian cause through Turkish literature, and the messages of resilience, solidarity, and unity that continue to resonate today.

28 September, 2023

Despite official military withdrawals, American influence in the region has not dwindled, it has simply transformed. But if needed, Washington will revert back to its old techniques of power, writes Burak Elmali.

11 July, 2023