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Oliver Mizzi

Oliver Mizzi


Oliver Mizzi has been a journalist at The New Arab since June 2023. He holds a BA in International Relations with Middle East Studies and an Mlitt in Middle East, Caucasus and Central Asian Security Studies


Follow him on Twitter: @OllyMizzi99

The four day ceasefire provides both the opportunity for the resumption of aid deliveries into the besieged Gaza Strip, as well as a hostage exchange between Israeli hostages and Palestinian prisoners.

24 November, 2023

The protest coincided with the publication of an open letter written to Rishi Sunak by Medical Aid for Palestinians and signed by 12 heads of charities calling for an end to Israel's bombardment of Gaza and the implementation of a ceasefire.

20 November, 2023

Iraqi militias say targeting military bases hosting United States forces in Iraq and Syria is a direct consequence of Washington's support for Israel's war on Gaza. 

08 November, 2023

The two latest Israeli strikes on the Jabalia refugee camp have killed 195 people and horrified the world.

02 November, 2023

US commitments to Israel have taken the form of military aid and the deployment of additional military assets to the region, with $14 billion financial assistance expected to be delivered pending congressional approval.

20 October, 2023

In the aftermath of Syria's earthquake, The New Arab spoke to three organisations operating in northwest Syria to understand how they have adapted to the situation in the six months following the devastation.

01 September, 2023

The UK is among countries and organisations voicing concerns over the Syrian regime's approval to reopen a vital border crossing for aid flow.

11 August, 2023

Could Russia and its notorious Wagner mercenary group take advantage of the coup in Niger and bolster its presence in Africa's Sahel region?

28 July, 2023

An anti-BDS bill, which campaigners warn would have a chilling effect on pro-Palestine campaigning in the UK, passed its first hurdle to become law on Monday. Pro-Palestine groups have told The New Arab they are readying to fight back.

23 June, 2023