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Rawaa Talass

Rawaa Talass


Rawaa Talass is a freelance journalist focusing on art and culture emerging from the Middle East. Her work has been published in Art Dubai, Arab News, Al Arabiya English,  Artsy, The Art Newspaper, Kayhan Life, Dubai Collection, and The National.

Follow her on Twitter: @byrawaatalass


Three years on, Beirut residents remain incensed by the lack of accountability over the Beirut port blast. Tagreed Darghouth channels this anger to paint an image of Beirut authentic to its past: conflicted by contradiction and criminal corruption.

10 August, 2023

Those living abroad often experience bouts of homesickness along with the desire to belong. In a unique collab with WhatsApp, Moroccan-Belgian photographer Mous Lamrabat highlights the importance of connectivity in an increasingly globalised world.

29 June, 2023

Exhibited at The Third Line gallery in Dubai, Anuar Khalifi presents Arab-ness as a literal and figurative journey. Inspired by his childhood trips to Morocco, Khalifi's work expresses life's cyclical and ever-shifting nature.

18 May, 2023