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Sarah Amr

Sarah Amr

Sarah Amr

Sarah Amr is a Palestinian writer interested in media discourse and liberation movements. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications from the University of Sussex. 

Since the start of Israel's genocide in Gaza, Palestinians have been forced to beg the world for empathy. But the shame is not ours to bear, writes Sarah Amr.

07 March, 2024

Robert Kraft and other pro-Israel figures in America have ramped up efforts to embellish Israel's genocide in Gaza, using the Super Bowl as their canvas.

27 February, 2024

During the Jenin assault, images and videos of Israeli violence flooded our social media pages. The influx of this distressing content captures the ethical dilemma at the heart of citizen journalism, writes Sarah Amr.

08 August, 2023

Looking at the Israeli military's official Twitter posts during the most recent assault on Gaza, Sarah Amr unpacks how Israel uses social media to normalise and desensitise the world to the violence it inflicts on Palestinians.

31 May, 2023

For 75 years Israel has refined its propaganda, portraying itself as ‘democratic’ & ‘tolerant’ of all faiths whilst omitting and re-writing the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. This only reinforces the state's insecurities, argues Sarah Amr.

28 April, 2023