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Lara Gibson

Lara Gibson

Lara Gibson

Lara Gibson is a Cairo-based journalist closely following Egypt's economic and political developments.

Analysis: Egypt has maintained that the mass expulsion of Palestinians from Gaza into Sinai is a red line that Israel must not cross.

20 February, 2024

Analysis: The huge IMF bailout could ease Egypt's upcoming external debt burden but risks new austerity measures that will hurt the poorest in society.

13 February, 2024

The annual Zalaga Camel race in South Sinai is a spectacle of Bedouin culture, where thrill-seeking tradition meets the drama of Bedouin community competition.

30 January, 2024

Analysis: Israel's plan to take full control of the Philadelphi Corridor and cut off Gaza from Egypt has sounded alarm bells in Cairo.

22 January, 2024

Analysis: Sisi's third term in power will be his biggest challenge yet, with Egypt facing a mounting economic crisis and wars in neighbouring Gaza and Sudan.

08 January, 2024

Analysis: With Sisi's victory all but assured, Egypt will have to navigate a post-election climate of further economic woes and the potential for collateral damage from the Gaza war.

06 December, 2023

In-depth: Israel has been quietly trying to build support for plans to transfer Palestinian refugees from Gaza to the Sinai, including with financial incentives, but Egypt has rejected the proposals - so far.

07 November, 2023

Analysis: Cairo is seeking to play a mediator role for both ceasefire and hostage negotiations, but there is a looming humanitarian crisis unfolding at its border with Gaza.

11 October, 2023

In-depth: Egypt and Ethiopia hope to finalise an agreement within four months after a decade-long dispute over Africa's largest dam.

07 August, 2023

Analysis: As key voices in the Global South, both New Delhi and Cairo are diversifying their strategic ties beyond the Western bloc.

03 July, 2023