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Adnan Abdul Razzaq

Adnan Abdul Razzaq

Abdul Razzaq

Syrian journalist. Writes for Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, The New Arab's Arabic-language sister publication.

In-depth: Initial forecasts put the cost of Israel's destruction in Gaza at $50 billion, but that figure is likely to rise as the war continues.

27 November, 2023

This Ramadan could be the toughest yet for long-suffering Syrian people as the pound continues to plummet and prices rise.

23 March, 2023

In-depth: While rescue operations are still ongoing after the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake which hit Turkey and Syria, a secondary crisis looms as the livelihoods of millions have also been shattered.

15 February, 2023

After the Turkish Republic was established in 1923, the Arabic language was banned from Turkey's schools and mosques for decades. However, today in Turkey, Arabic is seeing a revival for many reasons, including the influx of Arab refugees.

12 January, 2023