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Sania Mahyou

Sania Mahyou

Sania Mahyou is a Belgian-Moroccan freelance journalist and a student at Sciences Po Paris. She writes about political struggles, culture and minorities rights in the MENA region.

The New Arab speaks to Jordanians to hear their views after their government assisted in downing Iranian drones and missiles heading for Israel.

19 April, 2024

Regional protests recall the 2011 uprisings, as Palestine becomes a rallying cry against Israel's injustice and Arab leaders' inaction, writes Sania Mahyou.

10 April, 2024

In-depth: Despite restrictive Israeli travel policies, tourism to Palestine has increased. But some Palestinians have spoken out against the growing sector and are asking visitors to reconsider their trips.

10 August, 2023

The decline of French reflects not only an effort to break free from France's colonial legacy but also a desire among Moroccan youth to be more connected to an increasingly globalised world, writes Sania Mahyou.

26 May, 2023

To mark the international day of Arabic, Sania Mahyou writes about the power of a commonly used word in North Africa: Mektoub. The religious expression that refers to one’s destiny, has not always served people well in the region, she argues.

16 December, 2022