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Rayan Freschi

Rayan Freschi


Rayan Freschi is a French jurist and researcher at the London-based advocacy organisation CAGE.



Book Club: Kamel Daoudi is France's longest-serving house arrest prisoner. Convicted on terrorism charges in 2001, Kamel now lives a life in limbo at the will of the French authorities. His experience is symbolic of the failings of the War on Terror.

21 June, 2023

Violent incidents of Islamophobia are going unnoticed in France. Shielded by an apathetic justice system and a national psyche unfazed by xenophobia, Muslims are increasingly concerned about their place, security and fate in modern-day France.

07 February, 2023

At the height of yet another controversy on “religious attire” in French public schools, President Macron delivered a strategic speech at the Paris Grand Mosque, commemorating its centenary.

07 December, 2022