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Quratulain Rehbar

Quratulain Rehbar


Quratulain Rehbar is an independent journalist based in Indian administered Kashmir and reports on politics, health, insurgency, human rights and gender


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Modi's India and Netanyahu's Israel are close bedfellows. Their disdain for political Islam has led to an ever-increasing political and strategic relationship. While pro-Israel demonstrations are condoned, pro-Palestinian marches have been crushed.

31 October, 2023

India's diverse history is up in flames as mobs of Hindu nationalists wreak havoc against minorities. After a 110-year-old madrasa in the Indian state of Bihar was torched, Muslim fears of collective punishment grow stronger.

09 May, 2023

India’s Supreme Court halted the demolition of more than 4,000 mainly Muslim homes, allegedly encroaching on land belonging to the railways in Uttarakhand, but residents remain anxious that bulldozers may return as the targeting of Muslims continues.

19 January, 2023

A recent study published by the Indian research group LedBy Foundation details the discrimination faced by Indian Muslim women in the workforce. According to the study, Muslim women are half as likely to get callbacks when compared to Hindu women.

23 November, 2022