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Tariq Mehmood

Tariq Mehmood

Tariq Mehmood is an award-winning novelist and filmmaker. He was one of the leading defendants in the case of the Bradford 12 in 1981. He co-directed Injustice, the ground-breaking film into deaths in British Police Custody and writer of its follow-on, Ultraviolence. He is currently making a film on the Bradford 12. He wrote his first novel awaiting trial: Hand On The Sun, Penguin 1983. He has since written a number of novels, the latest being You’re Not here, Daraja 2018. He is an Associate Professor at the American University Of Beirut, Lebanon.

Do UK counter-terrorism officers really "randomly" pull people up at airports? Writer Tariq Mehmood, also one of the Bradford 12, shares a recent experience at Manchester airport that puts this question under the spotlight.

25 August, 2023

Personal stories: Tariq Mehmood paints a harrowing picture of the realities of the NHS under a Tory government whose divestments and neglect are actively destroying it and detrimentally impacting the masses.

14 October, 2022