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Katy Shahandeh

Katy Shahandeh

Katy Shahandeh is a final year PhD candidate at SOAS, a research and teaching assistant. Her academic interests are Middle Eastern (with an emphasis on Iran) art, history, culture and society, and her research, based on the works of contemporary Iranian women artists, is located around issues of gender, identity and society, and informed by feminist and post-colonial theory. She has contributed to a volume published by Routledge entitled Curating as Feminist Organizing (2022).

After having their rights and freedoms sidelined for decades, the women leading Iran's feminist revolution draw on the resistance of their ancestors to envision a new future for themselves and their country, writes Katy Shahandeh.

26 January, 2023

Young people are at the forefront of the protests in Iran, and they show no signs of stopping despite the regime’s remorseless killing of young people, writes Katy Shahandeh.

02 December, 2022

An exhibit by Iranian artist Soheila Sokhanvari at the Barbican invites viewers into the world and history of Iran's feminist movement and the rebellious predecessors who paved the way for the current revolutionary moment, writes Katy Shahandeh.

21 October, 2022

Despite the long history of state control over women’s bodies and political dissent in Iran, Katy Shahandeh explains that the very young and diverse makeup of the protests is a sign of hope.

06 October, 2022