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Abu Muslim Shirzad

Abu Muslim Shirzad


Abu Muslim Shirzad is a university lecturer and researcher on security and political matters of South Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East. Shirzad has hosted prime-time political shows for nearly one decade on TOLO TV – the most watched TV channel in Afghanistan. He has been writing in the international media. He tweets at @MuslimShirzad

The earthquake that shook Turkey and Syria to its core has brought untold loss and suffering to those affected. We learn about the agony of survivors and the torment of those who lost loved ones in the destruction.

22 February, 2023

The Taliban's hollow promise to ensure further education for Afghan women has all but been betrayed. But one 18-year-old is holding a solo protest against the recent university ban to remind the Taliban of the importance of education in Islam for all

13 January, 2023

Those fleeing Taliban persecution remain in grave danger, particularly Afghan women who dared speak out about their repression. The New Arab speaks with one Afghan woman whose vocal activism landed her in a Taliban-run prison.

13 October, 2022

In-depth: From London to Los Angeles and Toronto to Rome, the Iranian diaspora is aligning its voice with protesters on the ground.

10 October, 2022

Protestors and exiled Iranian activists who spoke to The New Arab expressed both hopes and trepidations about the trajectory of the uprising. Still, they all agreed the unrest could be different from previous episodes.

28 September, 2022