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Ananya Wilson-Bhattacharya

Ananya Wilson-Bhattacharya

Ananya Wilson-Bhattacharya

Ananya Wilson-Bhattacharya is a writer, activist and co-editor of Red Pepper magazine, interested in arts and culture and social movements.

The Ram temple's triumphant inauguration represents a dangerous victory for India's far-right Hindu nationalist project, writes Ananya Wilson-Bhattacharya.

31 January, 2024

On India’s 76th independence anniversary, Ananya Wilson-Bhattacharya reflects on the irony of a state led by Modi's fascistic BJP government celebrating ‘freedom’ whilst it violently targets minorities, including Muslims and the Kuki people.

18 August, 2023

Renowned writer & activist Arundhati Roy urges India’s left to merge anti-caste & anti-capitalist efforts to fight fascism today. This must also include not romanticising Ghandi’s vision of the country, writes Ananya Wilson-Bhattacharya.

17 July, 2023

As Rishi Sunak’s government continues to peddle anti-migrant rhetoric and enforces violent policies to deter refugees, the work of solidarity groups, like those in Sheffield, is all the more urgent, explains Ananya Wilson-Bhattacharya.

09 March, 2023

Ananya Wilson-Bhattacharya explains why the revolutionary protest song, ‘Bella Ciao’ continues to play a role in global struggles today, and how it has served anti-government Gota Go Gama protests in Sri Lanka which forced the president to resign.

07 September, 2022