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Ananya Wilson-Bhattacharya

Ananya Wilson-Bhattacharya

Ananya Wilson-Bhattacharya

Ananya Wilson-Bhattacharya is a writer, activist and co-editor of Red Pepper magazine, interested in arts and culture and social movements.

Refusing to load Israeli weapons, Indian workers are rebuking the colonial ideologies of Zionism and Hindu nationalism, writes Ananya Wilson-Bhattacharya.

29 February, 2024

The Ram temple's triumphant inauguration represents a dangerous victory for India's far-right Hindu nationalist project, writes Ananya Wilson-Bhattacharya.

31 January, 2024

On India’s 76th independence anniversary, Ananya Wilson-Bhattacharya reflects on the irony of a state led by Modi's fascistic BJP government celebrating ‘freedom’ whilst it violently targets minorities, including Muslims and the Kuki people.

18 August, 2023

Renowned writer & activist Arundhati Roy urges India’s left to merge anti-caste & anti-capitalist efforts to fight fascism today. This must also include not romanticising Ghandi’s vision of the country, writes Ananya Wilson-Bhattacharya.

17 July, 2023

As Rishi Sunak’s government continues to peddle anti-migrant rhetoric and enforces violent policies to deter refugees, the work of solidarity groups, like those in Sheffield, is all the more urgent, explains Ananya Wilson-Bhattacharya.

09 March, 2023

Ananya Wilson-Bhattacharya explains why the revolutionary protest song, ‘Bella Ciao’ continues to play a role in global struggles today, and how it has served anti-government Gota Go Gama protests in Sri Lanka which forced the president to resign.

07 September, 2022