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Rabia Mushtaq

Rabia Mushtaq


Rabia Mushtaq is a journalist based in Karachi, Pakistan. She writes on a variety of beats including culture, gender and social justice, technology, and mental health.


Follow her on Twitter: @rabiamush

Palestinian sweets have found a new home in Pakistan's Karachi where a mother-daughter trio serve up delicious treats, from Basbusa to Knafeh.

17 January, 2024

Pakistan's decision to deport more than 2 million Afghan refugees has drawn national and international outcry. Tragic images of Afghan children bundled back to a country they've never known have led many activists to fear for their safety.

13 November, 2023

The New Arab Meets: Pakistani hip-hop artist, Eva B. A stalwart of the country's rap scene, Eva B has garnered international acclaim after her song Rozi from Ms. Marvel went viral. We sat down with her to hear how she's adjusted to her newfound fame.

19 August, 2022