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Ines Gil

Ines Gil


Ines Gil is an independent journalist based in Beirut. Her work has appeared in Le Point, Europe 1, Les Clés du Moyen-Orient , Réforme, L'EchoLes News 2415-38 MéditerranéeKapaw.


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In-depth: Nearly six million young Turks are voting for the first time this Sunday, having only known Recep Tayyip Erdogan as the country's leader. Their vote could be decisive in a tightly contested election.

11 May, 2023

The 'Jogi', the Gypsies of Afghanistan, have launched a struggle with the State to access identification papers and defend their rights. Marginalised and plunged into poverty, they want to integrate into Afghan society.

06 October, 2022

The unwillingness of the international community and its aid infrastructure to deliver vital resources to Afghanistan has plunged ordinary Afghans into destitution. Notwithstanding rhetorical support, the Afghan people are being forgotten.

18 August, 2022