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Lauren Crosby Medlicott

Lauren Crosby Medlicott

Crosby Medlicott

Lauren Crosby Medlicott is a freelance features writer specialising in social justice issues.


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Pakistan's decision to forcibly remove or deport nearly two million Afghan refugees has turned the state from a security net and sanctuary into a security trap. Now hundreds of thousands of Afghans fear for their future as they return to the Taliban.

30 November, 2023

Morocco's earthquake has massively impacted the physical and mental health of girls. With educational infrastructure destroyed and incidents of gender-based violence allegedly on the rise, a generation of Moroccan girls are at risk of falling behind.

24 October, 2023

The war in Sudan shows no sign of letting up. More than 5 million Sudanese have been internally displaced, with prices of essential goods soaring. However, hospitality knows no bounds and Sudanese families have welcomed IDPs into their homes.

12 October, 2023

The perilous journey to British shores is often fraught with loss, sickness and death. This precarity continues for many asylum seekers and refugees that manage to settle in the UK, who are now at the behest of an exclusionary immigration system.

20 October, 2022

Despite seismic improvements in maternity services, Afghanistan's economic collapse has meant its healthcare system has returned to worrying precarity. Stationed on the front line, midwives are in a constant battle to protect the country's future.

19 August, 2022

Beneath the façade of the UK's shops, or behind the doors of residential homes, live thousands of forgotten, invisible people. All too often these victims of modern forms of slavery are at the whim of their abusers and are without any form of aid.

03 August, 2022