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Harry Clynch

Harry Clynch


Harry Clynch is Features Editor at Disruption Banking. He writes on politics, international affairs and international markets. His words have appeared in The Spectator, UnHerd and others. 


Follow him on Twitter: @clynchharry


Pakistan's economic and political crises are coming to a head. As political turmoil returns, inflation spiralling out of control and the IMF loan yet to be finalised, many of the country's most destitute have been pushed over the brink.

15 May, 2023

With Abdel Fattah al-Sisi nearing ten years as Egyptian president, promises of riches seem to have disappeared. The country is currently in the midst of a currency crisis and at the whim of the IMF, forcing analysts to reconsider Egypt's future.

14 February, 2023

In reaction to a major depreciation of the Turkish lira, cryptocurrency use has been on the rise. Debates have since arisen over their long-term feasibility within the Turkish market, with Erdogan's government pushing back against the growing trend.

05 September, 2022

The hasty withdrawal of NATO troops and the subsequent freezing of Afghan assets and aid channels has left Afghanistan on the precipice of cataclysmic collapse. With most Afghans struggling to subsist, the situation is at a point of no return.

29 July, 2022