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Tasnima Uddin

Tasnima Uddin

Tasnima Uddin

Tasnima Uddin is a legal aid paralegal. She is a co-founder for Nijjor Manush, a UK campaigning group leading the Save Brick Lane campaign and the Nejma Collective, a group working in solidarity with incarcerated Muslims in UK prisons.

Fabricated claims by customers looking for a refund compound the exploitation faced by the drivers and couriers often made invisible by these apps and could threaten their livelihoods, writes Tasnima Uddin.

14 March, 2023

As people express outrage over citizenship deprivation in relation to the Nationality and Borders Act, Tasnima Uddin explains that the movement mobilising against these developments must also take stock of the last two decades of the war on terror.

27 October, 2022

Trapped in inhumane camps and unable to return to their homes, Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh are the victims of state violence and increasingly hostile conditions from the country that once welcomed them so openly, writes Tasnima Uddin.

25 August, 2022

Tasnima Uddin explains why the attacks on Apsana Begum within the Labour Party reflect a broader assault on the politics she represents. As those associated with the Corbyn project continue to be targeted, broad solidarity is urgently needed.

25 July, 2022