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Ryvka Barnard

Ryvka Barnard

Ryvka Barnard

Ryvka Barnard is the Deputy Director of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign UK.

The bill would protect companies directly complicit in Palestinian oppression like that recently seen in the West Bank. It is an attack on our right to protest and the core principles of international solidarity, writes Ryvka Barnard.

19 July, 2023

Israel's most recent assault on Gaza is a sombre reminder that the Nakba is ongoing and an urgent call to stand in solidarity with Palestinians against the system of colonial violence, military occupation and apartheid, writes Ryvka Barnard.

10 May, 2023

As Israel continues to demolish Palestinian villages across the occupied West Bank, the call for BDS is stronger than ever, but so are attempts by Israel and its allies to ban the movement, writes Ryvka Barnard.

19 July, 2022