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Rudi Minto De Wijs

Rudi Minto De Wijs

Minto De Wijs

Rudi Minto de Wijs is a writer and curator based in South London. They have a vested interest in post-colonial histories both through their practice but also their background, as a child of immigrants to England. They spent their youth between Amsterdam, London, America, Dubai and North Wales which has given them a passion for culture and a unique cultural understanding. They enjoy the writings of James Baldwin, Afua Hirsh, Zaddie, Smith, Caleb Femi and the films of Steve McQueen and Barry Jenkins.


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One year on and the killing of young black man Chris Kaba at the hands of UK police only reminds us of the continued institutional failures of the London Met. Rudi Minto de Wijs writes that it is high time the entire force is reformed.

20 September, 2023

Lawrence Abu Hamdan's is a vital, open-source exposé of illegal Israeli incursions into Lebanese airspace over the past 15 years, and is further proof of how citizen-led initiatives can counter pervading Israeli security narratives.

25 August, 2022

Is it possible to separate systemic racism and the monarchy? Or are they the same thing? As the UK celebrates the platinum jubilee, we must remember what the royal family was built on, the all-encompassing, homogenous rule over its subjects.

01 June, 2022