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Danny Makki

Danny Makki


Danny Makki is an analyst covering the internal dynamics of the conflict in Syria, he specializes in Syria’s relations with Russia and Iran. Danny has worked as a consultant for the Atlantic Magazine and as a journalist reporting from Syria for the BBC, Channel 4, NBC and the Telegraph. Danny is co-founder of the Syrian Digital Media group, a platform promoting freedom of press and digital development in Syria.  


Joumana Mortada is fast becoming a shining light in the Syrian art scene. Inspired by the enchanting old city of Damascus, and her soulful eye for colour, Joumana's art is both hopeful and vivid, helping to find life and light in every Syrian scene.

16 November, 2023

Book Club: Did you know that Damascus had a tramway 100 years before Dubai? Sami Moubayed's fascinating new book 'The Damascus Tramway' traces the history of its construction and its importance to the city's public transport system.

06 September, 2023

Currently on display at Christie's in London, Kawkaba is an unprecedented celebration of contemporary Arab art. Featuring masterpieces from Maghreb to Mashriq, the gender-balanced exhibition has turned heads and hearts throughout the art industry.

28 July, 2023

A stalwart of the Syrian art scene, sculptor Safaa al-Set's exhibition in Damascus evokes daydreaming to recall emotions of love, hope and yearning. Safaa's conceptual innovation has led to her work being eagerly anticipated by young Syrian artists.

20 July, 2023

For many Syrians still reeling from the effects of a disastrous economic climate, the tranquillity offered by Ramadan has come at a good time. An opportunity to focus on spiritual well-being and family, Syrians are embracing the holy month.

04 April, 2023

As a community, Syrians have been forced to fend for themselves. Faced with war and forgotten by the world, northwest Syrians have once again been called to assist their countryfolk after devastating earthquakes rocked the region.

21 February, 2023

Doing the best with what you have is a principle that permeates across Syria, not least in the creative industry. Inspired by the dove and Syria's white gold, a new generation of Syrian artists are reclaiming their lost heritage, inspiring a nation.

23 November, 2022

Syria was long known for its archaeological importance with many unrivalled world heritage sites ranging from the ancient desert city of Palmyra to Damascus' Umayyad mosque. Now a remarkably intact 1,600-year-old Roman mosaic has been unearthed.

14 October, 2022

Braving the fatal possibility of the high seas, migrants escaping their homelands are faced with a treacherous journey toward safety. After the recent boat capsize which killed at least 94 of its passengers, ensuring better asylum policies is key.

26 September, 2022

A cholera outbreak in Syria is posing a serious threat as the Ministry of Health promises epidemiological surveillance of the disease.

21 September, 2022