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Nadeine Asbali

Nadeine Asbali


Nadeine Asbali is a secondary school teacher in London

Far-right outrage over plans to build a prayer space in London's Trocadero is a symptom of rising Islamophobia. Britain seems happy to take Muslim labour & wealth, but refuses to accept the community’s presence or basic needs, argues Nadeine Asbali.

03 August, 2023

With the former porn star recently being heralded a feminist icon, Nadeine Asbali reflects on the objectification and fetishisation of Muslim women and the consequences of gendered Islamophobia.

08 June, 2023

Schools are already under considerable pressure to educate children despite deteriorating government support. Added judgment by Ofsted, the inspecting body for institutions, is making everything worse for workers in the sector, writes Nadeine Asbali.

28 April, 2023

Ramadan can be a very isolating time for mothers, especially if mosques do not accommodate for them & their children. Amidst poverty & government cuts to youth spaces, if religious institutions do not fill this gap no one will, writes Nadeine Asbali.

16 April, 2023

The cost-of-living crisis in the UK is pushing more Muslims into poverty. Already disproportionately disadvantaged, many British Muslims have been forced to work through the nights of Ramadan, causing untold stress on their mental health and faith.

06 April, 2023

The UK government and media are not holding back in demonising teachers who went on strike over poor working conditions and pay. But amidst state cuts they are the ones fighting for the future of education and our children, argues Nadeine Asbali.

20 March, 2023

The police modest fashion show at the London Muslim Shopping Festival encouraged recruitment and trust. This was completely tone-deaf and it ignored the targeting of Muslims in the name of 'fighting terror', argues Nadeine Asbali.

06 March, 2023

Be warned of the liberal celebration of Prince Harry’s ‘regrets’ in his upcoming memoir, Nadeine Asbali writes. The Royal's supposed anti-racism should be questioned given his dehumanising depiction of the 25 Afghan people he killed as a soldier.

09 January, 2023

The new report from the conservative think-tank into the Trojan Horse scandal and the podcast that exposed it as a hoax is riddled with anti-Muslim sentiments and dismisses evidence of state-sanctioned Islamophobia, writes Nadeine Asbali.

19 December, 2022

A haphazard decision to centralise the Hajj booking system by Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Hajj is threatening to endanger hundreds of Hajj booking operators across Europe. Given their ubiquity on the high street, what happens next is of interest.

30 June, 2022