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Nadeine Asbali

Nadeine Asbali


Nadeine Asbali is a secondary school teacher in London

Refusing to reflect on the root causes of radicalisation, the UK's counter-terrorism policies are just an excuse to criminalise Muslims, writes Nadeine Asbali.

12 February, 2024

Amid Israel's war on Gaza, explicit anti-Muslim sentiment has crept back into the mainstream. The goal is the same: to dehumanise us, writes Nadeine Asbali.

24 January, 2024

The glorification of British soldiers joining the Israeli army and committing war crimes in Gaza reveals Islamophobic double standards, writes Nadeine Asbali.

05 January, 2024

Muslim leaders, celebrities & influencers who are silent or 'two-sided' on Israel's attacks on Gaza are no voice for the community. Muslim representation should serve the struggle for liberation, not personal capitalist gains, argues Nadeine Asbali.

13 November, 2023

Following the tragic earthquake in Morocco and the flooding in Libya, Nadeine Asbali calls on charities to rethink the reliance on social media influencers to raise funds for victims.

27 September, 2023

The West vocally defended Iranian women’s right to choose following protests that saw them unveil in opposition to oppressive state laws, yet now that the French government is restricting Muslim girls' rights, all is silent, writes Nadeine Asbali.

07 September, 2023

Far-right outrage over plans to build a prayer space in London's Trocadero is a symptom of rising Islamophobia. Britain seems happy to take Muslim labour & wealth, but refuses to accept the community’s presence or basic needs, argues Nadeine Asbali.

03 August, 2023

With the former porn star recently being heralded a feminist icon, Nadeine Asbali reflects on the objectification and fetishisation of Muslim women and the consequences of gendered Islamophobia.

08 June, 2023

Schools are already under considerable pressure to educate children despite deteriorating government support. Added judgment by Ofsted, the inspecting body for institutions, is making everything worse for workers in the sector, writes Nadeine Asbali.

28 April, 2023

Ramadan can be a very isolating time for mothers, especially if mosques do not accommodate for them & their children. Amidst poverty & government cuts to youth spaces, if religious institutions do not fill this gap no one will, writes Nadeine Asbali.

16 April, 2023