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Sahirah Javaid

Sahirah Javaid


Sahirah Javaid is senior press officer at UK-based charity Muslim Hands.


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The Open Kitchen is helping out with the cost of living crisis by providing food during Ramadan, as 39% of UK Muslims live in the UK's most deprived areas.

18 March, 2024

As the country enters its twelfth year of civil war, Syrians have often resorted to desperate measures for shelter. UK-based charity Muslim Hands have sought to give Syrian IDPs some semblance of permanence by helping build a thousand new homes.

11 January, 2023

Somalia is enduring an unprecedented water crisis, with drought pushing 7.7 million toward starvation. UK-based charity Muslim Hands have sought to quell the thirst of Somalian communities, offering vital services for vulnerable women and children.

11 August, 2022

Seven years into the war in Yemen, the country is heading towards the biggest famine in modern history. Through the provision of bread factories and distribution points, UK-based charity Muslim Hands is attempting to help those most in need.

13 April, 2022