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Ufuk Necat Tasci

Ufuk Necat Tasci

Ufuk Necat Tasci

Ufuk Necat Tasci is a political analyst, journalist, and PhD Candidate in International Relations at Istanbul Medeniyet University. His research focuses on Libya, proxy wars, surrogate warfare, and new forms of conflict

Analysis: The regional body is in the process of organising a reconciliation conference to help restore stability to Libya, but can the strategy succeed where previous initiatives have failed?

07 March, 2023

Muslim polymath Al-Biruni was a giant of science. The first to calculate the Earth's radius, and the first to describe how the Earth rotated on an axis around the Sun, much of the advances credited to the Renaissance can be traced back to Al-Biruni.

21 February, 2023

Analysis: Khalifa Haftar is reportedly planning to hand over authority to his son Saddam, but any succession could be contested by both local power brokers and international backers.

30 January, 2023

It's easy to forget the essential role medicine and surgery have played in humanity's survival. But this status could have been easily different had it not been for the countless advances made by Al Zahrawi, known as 'the father of modern surgery'.

10 January, 2023

Analysis: Amid speculation that Khalifa Haftar was going to announce the secession of eastern Libya, the military leader is now reassessing his play for power.

29 December, 2022

Thought you knew the history of flying? Think again. Rather than 15th century Italy, the history of human flying dates back to 9th century Cordoba with the inventions of polymath Abbas ibn Firnas. This is his remarkable, horizon-stretching story.

16 December, 2022

Negotiating social media algorithms has become a vital currency for the 21st century. But who was the man who created such ingenuity? To answer this, we have to cast our minds back to 9th-century Baghdad and learn about the genius of Al-Khwarizmi.

15 November, 2022

Analysis: Amid ongoing political deadlock, General Khalifa Haftar's recent remarks imply that he is prepared to plunge Libya back into war to break the stalemate and consolidate his power.

11 November, 2022

A beacon of intellectual development, Baghdad's House of Wisdom provided welcome shelter for academics across the Arab region for centuries. Ufuk Necat Tasci takes stock of the library's influence and ponders the library's continued importance today.

13 October, 2022

Analysis: Deadly clashes in Libya's capital of Tripoli between armed forces supporting rival prime ministers have raised fears of a return to war. But why are they fighting, and what does the future hold?

05 September, 2022