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Tharwa Boulifi

Tharwa Boulifi

Tharwa Boulifi

Tharwa Boulifi is a 20-year-old Tunisian freelancer, who writes about feminism, human rights, and social justice. Her work has appeared in Teen Vogue, Newsweek, the New African, African Arguments.

The Zarzis boat tragedy and the government's abysmal response has ignited protests across Tunisia, as more and more young people turn to immigration via the Mediterranean as their only hope for a dignified life, writes Tharwa Boulifi.

26 October, 2022

In its selective celebration of independence day, the Tunisian regime is unlikely to do justice to the significant historical moment. Instead, it will roll out official events against a backdrop of repression, writes Tharwa Boulifi.

19 March, 2022

Amid a political, economic, and social crisis, as well as a mounting Omicron wave, Tunisians are exceedingly sensing a 'déjà vu' dictatorship with Tunisian president Kais Saied, writes Tharwa Boulifi.

04 February, 2022