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Abdolgader Mohamed Ali

Abdolgader Mohamed Ali

Abdolgader Mohamed Ali

Abdolgader Mohamed Ali is an Eritrean journalist and researcher in the African Affairs

Analysis: The landmark Turkish-Somali defence pact was signed just weeks after Ethiopia and Somaliland's controversial Red Sea agreement.

05 March, 2024

Analysis: Landlocked Ethiopia's deal with Somaliland to gain access to the Red Sea has sparked fears of a crisis in the Horn of Africa.

09 January, 2024

Analysis: The war could be entering a critical new phase as the RSF closes in on Darfur, with experts warning Sudan could be split between rival powers.

14 December, 2023

Analysis: As France withdraws its forces from Niger following the coup, will the US fill the vacuum?

05 October, 2023

Analysis: Coup leaders have ignored the West African bloc's deadline to hand back power, triggering preparations for a military intervention that would have serious region-wide repercussions.

22 August, 2023

Analysis: As multiple diplomatic tracks emerge to address Sudan's conflict, an east African regional bloc has raised the possibility of deploying troops in the country.

20 July, 2023

Analysis: The reported use of drones by the Rapid Support Forces has raised questions about their origin and how the balance of power in Sudan's conflict could be impacted.

26 June, 2023

Analysis: A simmering rivalry between the army and the Rapid Support Forces over the balance of power in Sudan has erupted in deadly fighting, with the country's future at stake.

17 April, 2023

Analysis: Egypt and Sudan are attempting to mobilise the Arab League's support in the dam crisis, much to the chagrin of Ethiopia.

10 November, 2022

Analysis: After a five-month humanitarian truce, Ethiopia erupted into renewed fighting between government forces and the Tigray People's Liberation Front last month, but the international community's priorities remain elsewhere.

15 September, 2022