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Yasmina Achlim

Yasmina Achlim


Yasmina Achlim is a Moroccan-American freelance writer who loves good vegan food, living consciously and dressing sustainably.


According to the World Resources Institute, all four Maghreb states are among the 30 most water-stressed countries in the world. For Moroccan farmers, the lack of rainfall is forcing them to sell livestock and question their future in the profession.

06 October, 2022

Ethnically mixed children are often stuck in a kind of limbo, unable to fulfil the 'authentic' traits of their parent's heritage. In her blog piece, Yasmina Achlim flips the script on authenticity and compels us to embrace our heterogenous makeup.

22 July, 2022

Harassment is an invasive act that compromises the safety of women and normalizes the objectification of the female form. It is impossible to deny the long-term effects of growing up in a country where women are treated like over-sexualized objects.

21 March, 2022

Rayan’s passing was a terrible tragedy that filled the world with sorrow. In the Arab world, the plight of Rayan has since galvanised cross-border solidarity and is proof that, despite conflict and unrest, humans lie at the centre of our future.

17 February, 2022

In the ancient Amazigh culture, tattoos are one of many ways people celebrate their rich North African tribal history.

09 February, 2022

As Morocco continues to thrust itself into modernity, one area seemingly been left behind is gender equity. With Moroccan women struggling to enter the workforce, The New Arab examines the repercussions of such disparities, and what can be done.

21 January, 2022

Given the North African country's beauty, Morocco's commitment to a sustainable future might seem evident. Yet, up until recently it had continued to neglect waste and energy issues that threatened its long-term stability. What has caused this shift?

12 January, 2022