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Simón Rodríguez Porras

Simón Rodríguez Porras

Simón Rodríguez Porras

Simón Rodríguez Porras is a Venezuelan Socialist and writer. He is the author of "Why did Chavismo fail?" and editor at

As Latin American nations condemn Israel's war on Gaza, Argentina's new far-right pro-Israel leader stands out as an anomaly, writes Simón Rodríguez Porras.

09 January, 2024

As people take to the streets and governments recall their ambassadors to Israel, Simón Rodríguez Porras writes that Palestine solidarity in South America is not only a fight against Israeli apartheid but also US hegemony in the region.

09 November, 2023

As Israel’s attacks on Gaza continue, killing over 5,700 Palestinians, the West hasn’t ceased its support of the genocide. Aimé Césaire reminds us that this is accepted due to the dehuminisation of non-white people, writes Simón Rodríguez Porras.

25 October, 2023

As the Dominican Republic is set to honour Israel at the Santo Domingo International Book Fair, writers & activists have called for a boycott. Solidarity has been weak in the past, but the current campaign is growing, writes Simón Rodríguez.

11 August, 2023

Simón Rodríguez Porras reflects on the history of Lula’s rule, parts of which he says raise serious questions about the future, including his militarisation of slums in Brazil, complicity in the occupation of Haiti, and trade agreement with Israel.

10 November, 2022

During Israel’s assault on Gaza in May 2021, on the other side of the world, Argentinians in the streets and the congress made it clear that they stand with Palestine despite efforts to silence and intimidate them, writes Simón Rodríguez Porras.

26 April, 2022

In-depth: In an exclusive interview, Vladyslav Starodubtsev of the leftist Ukraine Social Movement discusses resistance against Russia's war, solidarity with global struggles, and the importance of consistent anti-imperialism in leftist politics.

14 April, 2022

Chilean president Gabriel Boric's dissociation from Venezuela and Nicaragua is not a betrayal to "the Left". Both countries' failures have lessons that should be learned to build a better anti-imperialist position, writes Simón Rodríguez Porras.

07 February, 2022

Gabriel Boric's triumph in the Chilean elections is an important battle won by Chile's people, but it is only the beginning of a larger struggle that awaits the country and the rest of the Latin American region, writes Simón Rodríguez Porras.

31 December, 2021