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Emily Milliken

Emily Milliken

Emily Milliken

Emily Milliken is Senior Vice President and Lead Analyst at Askari Associates

Analysis: Sanctions have so far prevented the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and other Arab states from making significant investments in Syria following the regional normalisation of Bashar al-Assad's regime.

24 July, 2023

Analysis: The far-right politician's latest anti-Muslim stunt has heightened a geopolitical drama with Turkey over Sweden and Finland's NATO membership.

07 February, 2023

Analysis: With Turkish and Iranian violations of Iraq's sovereignty, and suspicion from Gulf states towards the country's new prime minister, domestic instability looks set to continue in 2023.

19 December, 2022

Analysis: Algeria has focused on ways of increasing its geo-economic importance to the West without antagonising Russia, believing that continued non-alignment serves Algeria's national interests.

30 November, 2022

Analysis: A host of factors leave Amman in a complicated position vis-à-vis the Abraham Accords, especially as the Biden administration works to expand them.

15 September, 2022

Analysis: Despite rumours and grave economic problems, support for Palestine runs deep in Tunisian society, with Kais Saied seeing any benefits to normalisation vastly outweighed by the costs.

08 August, 2022

Analysis: Turkey and Russia have gained various levels of leverage in Libya by virtue of their military presence on the ground, with no signs that their forces will leave anytime soon.

26 January, 2022

Analysis: It's not all about military cooperation, arms sales, trade, and economics. Diplomacy and soft power are also significant in Ankara, Baku, and Islamabad's trilateral ties.

23 December, 2021

Analysis: After the coup, Washington seems satisfied with a partial solution that restores aid and re-establishes Khartoum's international relations but falls short of Sudanese demands for a civilian takeover.

20 December, 2021