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Shahed Ezaydi

Shahed Ezaydi


Shahed Ezaydi is a freelance writer and journalist, specialising in opinion and features writing on politics, race, culture, and social issues.

The wave of protests in Iran following Kurdish-Iranian Mahsa Amini’s death has inspired global action, but it is vital that opposing state control over women’s bodies in all its forms remains central in our solidarity, explains Shahed Ezaydi.

30 September, 2022

Book Club: With humour, honesty & emotion, Hanna Flint's debut book takes us down a cinematic journey offering a critical eye on the screen's representation of women & ethnic minorities in this deeply personal reflection from the leading film critic.

21 September, 2022

With recent instances of systematic Islamophobia being brought to the fore, The New Arab's Book Club is providing our readership with five books that exemplify the modern-day Muslim experience, from personal stories to theoretical deep-dives.

01 December, 2021