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Richard Sudan

Richard Sudan

Richard Sudan

Richard Sudan is a journalist and writer specialising in anti-racism and has reported on various human rights issues from around the world. His writing has been published by The Guardian, Independent, The Voice and many others.

By shunning Diane Abbott, Keir Starmer's Labour has doubled down on its anti-black purge, ostracising minority voices in the process, writes Richard Sudan.

31 May, 2024

On his 99th birthday, Malcolm X remains the inimitable voice for the voiceless, writes Richard Sudan. But what would Malcolm X think about the world today?

24 May, 2024

The global fight for reparations is gaining steam, with Black communities uniting behind the cause, writes Richard Sudan.

24 April, 2024

With the National Black Police Association's call for a boycott, the Met Police is facing an unprecedented crisis of public trust, writes Richard Sudan.

28 February, 2024

The racism faced by Ethiopian Jews reveals Israel's true nature not as a state for all Jews, but as one built on white supremacy, writes Richard Sudan.

12 January, 2024

This Black History Month, the Labour Party continues to treat Black voters as an afterthought, from the treatment of MP Diane Abbott to pushing out young progressive BAME candidates, writes Richard Sudan.

24 October, 2023

The redundancy of the first UK professor of history who is of African descent has been met with anger, especially given the poor black representation in UK academia & rising racism peddled by the government's anti-woke agenda, writes Richard Sudan.

22 September, 2023

Despite being killed in 1996, rapper Tupac Shakur's life & music continue to depict the systematic oppression & inequality ingrained in US society today. His unmatched lyrics still inspire those fighting racism & state violence, argues Richard Sudan.

23 June, 2023

Three years after the murder of George Floyd that sparked global protests, Richard Sudan argues that little has been done to tackle racist violence in the US while Black lives continue to be de-prioritised by the Biden administration.

24 May, 2023

The media's focus on Neely's background and social circumstances while protecting the identity of the white Marine that killed him speaks to how normalised anti-Black violence is in the United States, writes Richard Sudan.

12 May, 2023