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Richard Sudan

Richard Sudan

Richard Sudan

Richard Sudan is a journalist and writer specialising in anti-racism and has reported on various human rights issues from around the world. His writing has been published by The Guardian, Independent, The Voice and many others.

The death of Keenan Anderson, a black man tased 6 times by the LAPD, highlights yet again that Martin Luther King’s dream is yet to become a reality. The struggle against racism and state brutality continues in the US, writes Richard Sudan.

20 January, 2023

Images of far-right rioters violently storming the capitol building on 6 January 2021, shocked the world and reinforced the rampant racism that grew during Trump’s term. 2 years on under Biden, little has changed in the US, writes Richard Sudan.

11 January, 2023

Jesus was one of the most important figures in history, his whitewashing has been used to justify white supremacy, colonialism and imperialism, this is why we must ‘tell the truth’ about him, argues Richard Sudan.

21 December, 2022

Richard Sudan questions the timing and sincerity of comedian David Baddiel’s apology for his racist depictions of ex-footballer Jason lee, since it not only took 25 years but also happened against the backdrop of his new documentary on anti-Semitism.

09 December, 2022

The British Labour Party's inability to address long-standing issues of systemic racism could hinder their political success if it continues to take black voters for granted, writes Richard Sudan.

25 November, 2022

Following the Rally 4 Reparations in Washington, Richard Sudan explains why the campaign is still so important given the continued impact of slavery in the US. Further pressure must be applied to force politicians to take action.

13 November, 2022

As Haiti's political instability escalates, Western powers stand ready to intervene once again in blatant disregard of the people's wishes. But Haiti has a rich history of resisting foreign invasions, writes Richard Sudan.

02 November, 2022

Richard Sudan writes that the recent attempt to have the Met police not record the ethnicity of drivers stopped, which echoes the French state's "colour-blindness," would have led to even less accountability for an institution marred with racism.

24 October, 2022

The Queen’s death raised questions about the role of the British monarchy in slavery and colonialism, and whilst many will try to shift from this focus, warns Richard Sudan, the fight for accountability and reparations must continue.

07 October, 2022

Richard Sudan explains that just like the US government’s catastrophic response during Hurricane Katrina, which disproportionately impacted poor black people, Biden is also failing those communities affected by the Jackson Mississippi water crisis.

24 September, 2022