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Ferhat Polat

Ferhat Polat

Ferhat Polat

Ferhat Polat is a researcher at the TRT World Research Centre. He has produced several papers primarily centred on the Libyan Conflict. Ferhat is mainly interested in Middle East and North Africa politics, with a particular focus on the Libyan Conflict and Conflict Resolution.

The international community's approach to Libya has been characterised by inconsistency and a lack of unity. It is crucial to have a practical roadmap for peace and unity in Libya rather than setting new election dates, writes Ferhat Polat.

23 February, 2022

Libya will unlikely solve several key issues in time for the new election date set in January. Perhaps it is more prudent for Libyans and external actors to consider comprehensive actions rather than focusing on elections, writes Ferhat Polat.

29 December, 2021

To surmount internal and external divisions over Libya, there is an urgent need to find a general consensus on the constitution and the preparation regarding presidential and parliamentary elections, writes Ferhat Polat.

17 November, 2021