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Dana Taib Menmy

Dana Taib Menmy

Dana Taib Menmy

Dana is an investigative journalist and The New Arab's Iraq reporter. His work has appeared in Al-Monitor, Al Jazeera English, Middle East Eye, The National, among many other outlets.

Areas of focus: analysis on Iraq's politics, security, economy, human rights, minorities, women and environment. 

Follow him on Twitter: @danataibmenmy

Iraq's top court rules out an extension of the Kurdistan parliament's term for one year as "unconstitutional”.  

31 May, 2023

Deep disagreements between the two main Kurdish ruling parties in the Iraqi Kurdistan region is the main cause of delaying a parliamentary vote on Iraq’s budget bill for 2023.

29 May, 2023

Political and security threats from pro-Iran factions have obliged the Iraqi government to postpone implementing the Basra-Aqaba pipeline project.

26 May, 2023

A mass brawl broke out at the Iraqi Kurdistan Region's parliamentary session between MPs from the PUK and KDP parties amid an ongoing dispute over the holding of elections

23 May, 2023

Several police officers were slightly injured following clashes with the attackers who were later arrested, Iraq's Ministry of Interior said. 

17 May, 2023

A border security agreement was signed by the two countries in March and primarily aimed at tightening the frontier with Iraq's Kurdish region, where Iranian Kurdish opposition parties have set up bases.

16 May, 2023

Authorities in the northern Iraqi Kurdish region say they have reached an agreement with the Iraqi federal government to allow the resumption of oil exports via Turkey.

12 May, 2023

Widespread public protests persist in the Iraqi capital city of Baghdad and other provinces, demanding that the Iraqi authorities increase public sector wages and transfer temporary workers to the government's permanent payroll.

11 May, 2023

Following pressures from a visiting senior US delegation to the Iraqi Kurdistan region, both the main ruling parties have eased nearly six months of political and security tensions.

09 May, 2023

The commission stressed that an investigation into the case is going on and the chemical waste has been confiscated at Lukoil's site according to legal procedures.

08 May, 2023