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Dana Taib Menmy

Dana Taib Menmy

Dana Taib Menmy

Dana is an investigative journalist and The New Arab's Iraq reporter. His work has appeared in Al-Monitor, Al Jazeera English, Middle East Eye, The National, among many other outlets.

Areas of focus: analysis on Iraq's politics, security, economy, human rights, minorities, women and environment. 

Follow him on Twitter: @danataibmenmy

Mahmoud Al-Mashhadani tells The New Arab he is the sole candidate for almost all the Sunni blocs in Iraq's parliament speaker election.

29 November, 2023

An ongoing dispute between the Iraqi federal government and KRG over oil has led to political deadlock, with some energy and political experts offering a way out.

28 November, 2023

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) ordered that all teachers should go to classes on Monday, threatening to act against them if the protests continue.

27 November, 2023

The Iraqi parliament has postponed the election of a new speaker, amid continued debate and competition between Sunni factions preventing the choosing of a consensus candidate.

23 November, 2023

US Central Command said it had conducted airstrikes on two sites on Wednesday after attacks 'by Iran and Iran-backed groups'.

22 November, 2023

A member of an Iran-backed militia was killed in an airstrike after the Ain al-Asad base hosting US troops was struck twice in 24 hours, Iraqi media reported.

21 November, 2023

On Sunday, the court clarified and stressed that its decision is based on the Iraqi constitution and binding laws, reiterating the decision is binding and not subject to appeal.  

20 November, 2023

In contrast to the fact that nearly 700,000 Kurdish students have so far been deprived of public education, a small number of sons and daughters of wealthy families continue with their education at private sector schools. 

17 November, 2023

Independent Iraqi lawmaker Basim al-Khashan has filed extra charges against Iraq's ousted speaker of parliament, Mohammed al-Halbousi, accusing him of "attempting to normalise ties with Israel".

15 November, 2023

"Her confession is being politicised, contains many contradictions, and is largely questionable," one Iraqi analyst remarked to The New Arab.

15 November, 2023