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David Saveliev

David Saveliev


David Saveliev is a reporting intern at the Responsible Statecraft. He has reported on conflicts, protests and natural disasters on the ground in places such as Donbass, Paris and Yakutia. You can find his work in Nikkei Asia and the National Interest among others.

Follow him on Twitter at: @Saveliev_David

On the Polish-Belarusian border, the EU is violating its own commitments to human rights by brutally pushing back asylum-seekers. This is a long term trend, where the EU tacitly encourages securitisation and democratic backsliding on its borders.

14 December, 2021

Critics are going after ‘The Eternals’ for its portrayal of the Hiroshima bombing, but should we be surprised, writes David Saveliev.

09 November, 2021