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Jyhene Kebsi

Jyhene Kebsi

Jyhene Kebsi

Jyhene Kebsi is a Lecturer in Gender Studies at Macquarie University, Australia and a recipient of multiple prizes and awards, including Fulbright.

In light of Tunisia’s national Women’s Day in August, Jyhene Kebsi writes about the history of government policies regarding gender equality, their many limitations and why so much distrust remains towards ‘state feminism’ post-revolution.

12 August, 2022

On the 60th anniversary of Algeria’s independence, Jyhene Kebsi explains that despite Macron’s initial will to address France’s colonial history, the multiple opportunities offered to the president to finally, officially apologise, were not taken.

05 July, 2022

The experience with Iraq shows the importance of recognising the dangers that emanate from feminism when it falls prey to imperialist propaganda agendas and calls for promoting women's rights through warfare, writes Jyhene Kebsi.

22 October, 2021