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Enas Kamal

Enas Kamal


Enas Kamal is an Egyptian journalist who focuses on feminist and social issues in Egypt.

“The group changed my life”: Enas Kamal investigates the story behind The Sex Talk - the feminist, taboo-busting Facebook group discussing sex and sexual health with women in Egypt.

15 December, 2021

Enas Kamal discusses Ridwa, a recent campaign highlighting how women's inheritance rights in Egypt are being withheld by patriarchal and repressive societal norms that refuse to acknowledge women's huge economic role in the country today.

18 November, 2021

Sanad is a new organisation offering legal support to victims of gender-based violence in Egypt. Enas Kamal reports on the group's origins and how it is working with other associations to help plug the void in women's rights in the country.

22 October, 2021