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Sally Ibrahim


Sally Ibrahim is The New Arab's correspondent from Gaza.

"I am shocked because I was fired from my job. I never belonged to any Palestinian faction or was involved in any military actions," said a UNRWA employee.

07 February, 2024

"I looked forward that the ICJ would force Israel to stop its war, but such a decision now just gives Israel more time to kill more and more Palestinians..."

31 January, 2024

"Israel's insistence on continuing its war means that Rafah will be next, and this means that more than 1.6 million people will be under attack..."

30 January, 2024

"The situation in the hospital is bleak. The bombing continues, and no one can leave the hospital, whether they are doctors, patients or displaced people."

29 January, 2024

It was the first time Palestinians in the Gaza Strip had rushed to the streets en masse to demonstrate against the war since it erupted almost four months ago. 

26 January, 2024

"They only want to destroy all Palestinian properties and kill all of us," a 55-year-old father of six, recently displaced from Khan Younis, said to TNA.

24 January, 2024

On Monday night, 22 January, the Palestinian Telecommunication Company declared that all Jawwal services and the internet had ceased in Gaza.

23 January, 2024

About 3,000 tons of waste accumulate daily and are not disposed of because of the war, noted Yahya Al-Sarraj, mayor of Gaza City.

19 January, 2024

"I would rather die than emigrate from the Gaza Strip. This is our land, our life, and we will not give it up easily," one displaced man told TNA.

09 January, 2024

Israel's assassination in Beirut of senior Hamas leader Saleh al-Arouri has been greeted angrily by Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza

03 January, 2024