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Sally Ibrahim


Sally Ibrahim is The New Arab's correspondent from Gaza.

"During the current war, I was forced to be displaced five times(…) First, I was displaced from my house in Gaza City to Al-Nuseirat refugee camp. After that, I went to  Deir al-Balah, then to Khan Younis and finally to Rafah," said one woman.

06 December, 2023

The ceasefire came after long weeks of Israel's indiscriminate bombardment of Gaza, which claimed more than 14,500 Palestinian lives, while 4,000 others are believed to be trapped under the rubble, many likely deceased

24 November, 2023

Most international organizations have lost contact with their teams in the north but the United Nations estimates that there could be as many as 300,000 IDPs could be there

22 November, 2023

For countless Palestinian families in Gaza who try to reach out to ICRC and other international organisations for help, they often find no response to their pleas. 

15 November, 2023

"We felt as if we were in a mousetrap. Everyone was afraid. Will we be killed? Will our bodies be mutilated in front of the world? Will we be arrested and taken to an unknown fate?" Mohammed, a  36-year-old man who survived the route, said.

13 November, 2023

Hospitals in Gaza face humanitarian crisis amid Israeli attacks and fuel shortages.

11 November, 2023

Of the many things he misses in his life, his family, friends, and neighbourhood, Abed often finds himself acutely missing the home-cooked meals he used to have. 

07 November, 2023

The two latest Israeli strikes on the Jabalia refugee camp have killed 195 people and horrified the world.

02 November, 2023

In just three weeks, the Israeli army wiped out at least 881 multi-generational families.

02 November, 2023

"This new war crime, which appears to be a systematic policy by the occupying Israeli state since the launch of its new war, is further evidence it is lying about hitting military targets in Gaza," Maarouf stressed. 

25 October, 2023