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Qassam Muaddi

Qassam Muaddi


Qassam Muaddi is TNA's correspondent in the West Bank. He is a Palestinian journalist and writer who has covered Palestinian social, political and cultural developments in Arabic, French and English since 2014. He was member of the editorial team of the Palestinian online and print monthly 'Etijah' until  2019, and wrote analysis articles for several French publications as well as Op-Eds and literary texts for several Palestinian media outlets. He co-published two books in French 'Terre Sainte, Guerre Sainte?' and  'Taybeh: Dernier village Chrétien de Palestine'. In 2021, he started the '7ara 36' blog in Arabic, featuring human stories from Palestine.


Areas of focus: Palestinian history, literature, art, politics, photography


Follow him on twitter: @QassaMMuaddi

Unrest brews in the West Bank after the US secretary of state met Palestinian president in Ramallah on Sunday while Israel continues its military offensive on Gaza. Meanwhile, Israel's West Bank ramp-up killed 14 Palestinians in the last 48 hours.

07 November, 2023

"They fired shots to the ground around us and beat us with thick batons, on my knee and elbow, and they broke my wife's arm", a Palestinian victim said. "We ran to the car and drove back to the town, leaving behind the harvest and the tools".

02 November, 2023

As Israeli bombing of Gaza continues, Israeli forces ramp up crackdown on Palestinians in the West Bank. According to experts, as an attempt to prevent an explosion of Palestinian activism, linked to Gaza events.

25 October, 2023

According to human rights groups and Palestinian prisoners' families, Israeli authorities have dramatically reduced electricity and water in Israeli jail sections where Palestinians are being held.

23 October, 2023

The Union of Arab Workers in Israel demanded that Israeli authorities provide information on around 18 thousand Gazans working in Israel when the war began. The number of workers forcibly transferred to the West Bank is still unknown.

19 October, 2023

Palestinians in the West Bank warn of a second Nakba as Israeli settlers intensify attacks on Bedouin communities since the beginning of the Gaza escalation, last week.

19 October, 2023

An estimated 150,000 firearms have been distributed to illegal settlers so far, according to a security committee in the Israeli Knesset. 

13 October, 2023

Israeli increasing restrictions on Palestinian prisoners contributed to the rising tensions between Israel and Palestinians in the months before the Hamas-led 7 October attack on Israeli towns and military bases along Gaza's surroundings.

11 October, 2023

As Palestinians in the West Bank mobilised in major cities in solidarity with Gaza, Israeli forces blocked main roads and faced protesters with live fire. Armed confrontations between Palestinians and Israeli soldiers erupted in various locations.

11 October, 2023

Since 2000, Israeli forces have killed at least 2,287 Palestinian children.

06 October, 2023