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Qassam Muaddi

Qassam Muaddi


Qassam Muaddi is TNA's correspondent in the West Bank. He is a Palestinian journalist and writer who has covered Palestinian social, political and cultural developments in Arabic, French and English since 2014. He was member of the editorial team of the Palestinian online and print monthly 'Etijah' until  2019, and wrote analysis articles for several French publications as well as Op-Eds and literary texts for several Palestinian media outlets. He co-published two books in French 'Terre Sainte, Guerre Sainte?' and  'Taybeh: Dernier village Chrétien de Palestine'. In 2021, he started the '7ara 36' blog in Arabic, featuring human stories from Palestine.


Areas of focus: Palestinian history, literature, art, politics, photography


Follow him on twitter: @QassaMMuaddi

US sanctions on 4 Israeli settlers could impact an Israeli company and a settler municipal body. Experts think it is 'not remotely enough'.

15 February, 2024

Palestinian prisoners' rights groups said they have suspended collaboration with the ICRC over its lack of action over Israel's abuse of Palestinian prisoners.

13 February, 2024

Israel is considering easing control measures in the West Bank to avoid major escalation during Ramadan next month amidst opposition by far-right ministers.

09 February, 2024

Funding cuts to UNRWA by Western countries come while a humanitarian crisis takes place in Gaza due to Israel's war.

07 February, 2024

On Tuesday, Israeli undercover operatives, dressed as medical staff and patients, killed three Palestinians as they slept in a hospital in Jenin.

30 January, 2024

The most significant issue was Amnesty Germany's hesitation to endorse Amnesty International's 2022 report accusing Israel of the crime of Apartheid.

30 January, 2024

Israeli settler attacks on Palestinian rural communities have seen a significant spike since 7 October, encouraged by Israeli politicians.

25 January, 2024

Palestinians in Israeli jails face dangerous sanitary conditions because of Israeli measures imposed since 7 October, human rights groups warned.

22 January, 2024

Israel's raids on Tulkarm in recent weeks underscore the city's significance and the evolution of Palestinian armed resistance in the occupied West Bank.

19 January, 2024

Israeli forces continue their attack on the occupied West Bank, as nine Palestinians were killed in two drone strikes on Wednesday.

17 January, 2024