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Basma El Atti

Basma El Atti

El Atti

Basma is The New Arab’s Morocco correspondent, covering local affairs and social and cultural events in the Maghreb region. She began her career as a journalist in a Moroccan anglophone outlet, before joining the New Arab in 2022.


Areas of focus: the Maghreb, feminism, ecology, LGBTQ+


Follow her on twitter: @elattibasma


Over ten days, the UN special envoy met with fifty human rights defenders in Algiers, Tizi Ouzou and Oran, with many cancelling their meeting last minute for fear of reprisals or after getting arrested on their way to the meeting.

07 December, 2023

Last year, Rabat signed with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) a purchase deal worth US$500 million to acquire the "Barak-MX," an advanced air & missile defence system. 

06 December, 2023

BDS Morocco, a growing organisation in the North African state, has cited five reasons behind their campaign against the climate summit in Dubai, namely the presence of over twenty representatives from Israel.

06 December, 2023

King Mohammed VI's official trip to the UAE is the first since the election by the Supreme Federal Council of the State on 14 May 2022 of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed al-Nahyan, president of the United Arab Emirates.

04 December, 2023

Since 7 October, Moroccans have rallied weekly for Gaza, making Morocco the fifth country in the world with the most pro-Palestine protests since the start of Israel's war on Gaza.

01 December, 2023

Said Boukioud's lawyer said he never intended to offend the king but draw attention to Morocco's unpopular normalisation of ties with Israel.

28 November, 2023

Dozens of artists from the MENA region have boycotted the Marrakech International Film Festival in protest at its silence on the war in Gaza.

28 November, 2023

In-depth: Kais Saied and his parliament are navigating their first legislative discord over a bill to criminalise ties with Israel, with the president's opposition to the law disappointing even loyal supporters who stood by his power grab.

28 November, 2023

Mohamed Kaci was publicly disowned by TV5 Monde for questioning an Israeli military spokesman about the horrific siege of the Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza, which has resulted in the deaths of dozens of patients.

22 November, 2023

Most Moroccan team players have yet to speak publicly about the ongoing war in Gaza, including Yassine Bounou and Achraf Hakimi.

21 November, 2023