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Thaer Mansour


Thaer Mansour is a journalist based in Cairo, reporting for The New Arab on politics, culture and social affairs from the Egyptian capital.

The case of 5-year-old Shenouda’s custody sent shockwaves across the country, prompting human and children rights groups to call for his return to his foster parents.

20 March, 2023

Based on official government figures and estimates published in recent years, from nine to 14 million Egyptians live abroad; tens of thousands of them have been living in self-exile to avoid repression at home.

13 March, 2023

Sunday's announcement came one day before Fitch Solutions released a report, raising its projection for Egypt's inflation during 2023 to 25.9 per cent, up from the 18.3 per cent it projected in February.

13 March, 2023

Over the past months, the prices of basic commodities, mostly imported, witnessed unprecedented hikes which put low and average-income households in a dire situation.

09 March, 2023

Analysis: For years, Egypt remained reluctant about officially declaring the partial return of ties with Syria, but both Cairo and Damascus have seized upon a diplomatic opening following the deadly earthquake last month.

09 March, 2023

The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) has imposed three devaluations before the US dollar making the local currency almost 50 per cent weaker over the past year.

08 March, 2023

Israeli media reported that an Egyptian trade delegation was expected in Israel soon to cut deals that include importing food produce amid shortages in Egypt.

05 March, 2023

The crisis has forced the government to look for new sources of foreign currency, including touting the sale of state assets to wealthy Gulf nations.

03 March, 2023

"The 14 individuals have been arbitrarily detained since 2018 and are being tried by an emergency state security court, violating their right to a fair trial," the UK-based human rights watchdog said in a statement.

01 March, 2023

Patrick George Zaki, an Egyptian-Italian graduate student and a human rights researcher, was arrested in February 2020 - en route from Italy where he studied - and held in pre-trial detention for over a year and a half before his trial kicked off.

01 March, 2023