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Dr Mohammad Salami

Mohammad Salami

Mohammad Salami

Dr Mohammad Salami holds a PhD in International Relations. He previously worked as a fellow resident at the Cultural Research Institute and Social Mobilization Research Institute and is currently a research associate at the International Institute for Global Strategic Analysis (IIGSA).

His areas of expertise include politics, governance, security, and counterterrorism in the Middle East and Persian Gulf region.

Analysis: As fellow GCC countries move towards rapprochement with Iran, Bahrain remains cautious of what broadening Tehran's sphere of influence would mean for its domestic and regional dynamics.

08 November, 2022

Analysis: The Kingdom's futuristic 170km smart linear city promises to 'revolutionise living'. But beyond the awe factor are significant challenges and criticisms that could threaten the success of the megaproject and the entire Vision 2030.

18 August, 2022

Analysis: Kuwait's politically active parliament is unique in the Gulf, but near-constant tensions with the government and state lethargy over social and economic reforms often lead to political paralysis.

11 July, 2022

Analysis: Despite tough rhetoric on Kurdish groups, Turkey is also vying for concessions on a range of other issues.

31 May, 2022

Analysis: The historic summit between Israeli, US, and Arab leaders from four countries ultimately had one goal in mind: to materialise an anti-Iran alliance in the region.

12 April, 2022

Analysis: While the world condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Iran remains one of the few countries to stand by Moscow. Tehran’s position is based on solidarity against NATO and wider geopolitical calculations.

15 March, 2022

Analysis: Alliances with the West, Ukraine, and Russia, mean Israel is walking a delicate diplomatic tightrope to avoid taking sides in the crisis.

15 February, 2022

Analysis: With the US and China engaged in a power struggle in the Persian Gulf, the UAE is trying to find a delicate balance between the two rival powers while asserting its independence.

30 December, 2021

In-depth: More than 95 female candidates were elected in Iraq's election according to preliminary results, exceeding the 83-seat quota. But some say political parties are manipulating the system for electoral gain, rather than to empower women.

27 October, 2021

Analysis: While the ‘shadow war’ between Iran and Israel has long been playing out at sea, the recent attack on the Mercer Street tanker could signal a change of political direction in Iran.

10 August, 2021