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Amy Addison-Dunne

Amy Addison-Dunne


Amy Addison-Dunne is a freelance digital journalist with an interest in the Middle East and British politics. She has written for the Daily Mirror, Morning Star.

In-depth: Despite mass arrests, police violence and intimidation, Russians have been taking to the streets in defiance of the Kremlin and mobilising in solidarity with Ukraine. Many fear the worst is yet to come.

01 April, 2022

The New Arab Meets: Suheil Mahmoud Muhammad or ‘Abu Tow’ who has destroyed 146 tanks and aircraft of the Syrian regime and now wants to go to Ukraine and take on the Russians. He shares his story and future plans with The New Arab.

10 March, 2022

The New Arab Meets: MP, activist and former Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn to talk more about his new initiative 'Peace and Justice', as well as his thoughts on Palestine, the pandemic, Afghanistan, UK racism, and the state of Labour today.

13 August, 2021