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Emad Hajjaj

Emad Hajjaj


Emad Hajjaj is a Palestinian-Jordanian editorial cartoonist, and the lead cartoonist for Al-Araby al-Jadeed

Military coups are back in the Arab world. With a vengeance.

10 November, 2021

Sudan's military junta has plunged the country into darkness by staging a sudden coup, that has sent shockwaves throughout the country and undermined the already fragile democratic process.

29 October, 2021

Six Palestinian prisoners, mostly serving life terms, escaped early on Monday from a high-security prison in northern Israel after digging a tunnel dug beneath a sink. The breakout has caused hysteria in Israel

08 September, 2021

As the Taliban assert dominance in Afghanistan, thousands of Afghans are desperately looking for ways to flee the country, with the UN warning that half a million Afghans could be made refugees by the end of the year.

02 September, 2021

The Taliban have made a salient return to power in Afghanistan, after complete US withdrawal, bringing to an end a 20-year-old war.

31 August, 2021

The worsening economic collapse in Lebanon has resulted in the government raising gasoline prices in a partial reduction of fuel subsidies as it seeks to ease crippling shortages that have brought the country to a standstill.

23 August, 2021

As the Taliban sweep into power and pledge an "Islamist Emirate" in Afghanistan, all eyes are on how the group will rule the country, and if anything will be different from their extremist predecessors.

20 August, 2021

The recent takeover of Kabul by the Taliban, leaves Afghans desperate to flee the country, with many clinging to departing US military planes then falling to their death

18 August, 2021

Decades after Vietnam, Kabul's rapid collapse brings back memories of America's 'Saigon Moment'

16 August, 2021

The recent Tunisian political turmoil has once again highlighted the struggle for democracy in the Middle East, set against the shadows of dictatorship, now returning with a populist makeover.

13 August, 2021